Anti-drug campaign held at Sikshak Sadan, Pasighat

Publish Date : 22/07/2018
Anti drugs awareness campaign held at Pasighat

PASIGHAT, July 22: In an effort to eradicate the use of drugs among school children, East Siang SP Prashant Gautam in association with AAUN Foundation and WASE launched an Anti-drug awareness campaign on Friday at the Sikshak Sadan, Pasighat which was participated by the principals, headmasters of government and aided and private schools Pasighat. All technical and logistic supports was extended by the DDSE J Yirang.

While addressing the academicians, SP Gautam said “We are deeply concerned about the growing drug menace in the district. The rising trend of drug abuse among youth, more particularly amongst the student community is alarming.” He appealed the teaching community and NGOs to sensitize the students and parents so that they take up a pioneering role in creating an atmosphere where drug abusers and peddlers will have no place in society. He also urged the intellectuals to come forward sharing their experiences and professional expertise in the field to help the police department to draw a blueprint for addressing the issue in an effective manner.

Gautam asserted that use of drugs or substances may lead to addiction or dependence, serious physical injury (such as damage to kidneys, liver, heart) or psychological harm like hallucinations, memory loss or death. In addition to causing death, substance abuse is also responsible for significant morbidity and the treatment of drug addiction creates a tremendous burden on society. “Drug abuse leads to many kinds of criminal activities. The need of money to buy illegal drugs has driven many youths to earn money easily and they get involved in criminal activities. It is a serious problem amongst school children and controlling it is a major challenge” Gautam added presenting 33 slides through power point presentation and short screenings. He dealt with different aspects of the drug menace affecting the district and stressed that adequate awareness and preventive measures would be enforced for optimum results.

Police department alone cannot address overnight and therefore his good office has decided to launch a mass awareness campaign on the issue. Teaching community should include classroom lectures about the dangers of abuse to students about the negative consequences of use of drugs, advised the SP.

Retired IAF officer and Secretary AAUN Foundation Mohonto Pangin stated that according to existing studies, the abuse of alcohol and illicit and prescription drugs continues to be a major health problem and destroying the society gradually like termite. He was of the opinion that treatment lies in counselling and providing an atmosphere that helps the addict to come out of the trap and indulge once again in healthy living. Prevention of substance abuse among adolescents requires awareness of ill effects of drugs and AAUN Foundation would extend all possible help and cooperation, to curb the menace.

Earlier, the Women Against Social Evils (WASE) General Secretary Jaya Tasung Moyong informed that her NGO has been organizing massive anti-drug awareness program involving civil society including GBs & PRI leaders in the district intending to bring mass awareness about ill effects of drugs and peddling and selling of illegal IMFL educating the people to lead a healthy life and further highlighted various achievements. She dealt with different aspects of the drug menace affecting the society and stressed that adequate awareness and preventive measures should be enforced at the district level for optimum results. Moyong exhorted the police and other law enforcing agencies to be more vigilant and take strong action against drug marketers indulged in this nuisance.

HK Roy
For DIPRO, Pasighat